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Papilloma is a benign polyps on the stem, round or oval in shape, of normal skin color, pale or dark brown. Papillomas usually occur in middle and old age, more often in obese people.

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Warts are contagious neoplasm of the skin, often of viral etiology. All kinds, regardless of the location on the human body are devided into: ordinary, on hands; about nail, spanning the nail plate; plantar.

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Foot Corns

Foot Corns

Corns are seal keratinized skin soles, which cause severe pain and burning during the walk. Often arise from cross flatfoot. Cause for fatigue in the legs, tenderness when pressing on the foot.

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Callous is a seal of keratin skin, resulting from prolonged pressure or friction. It is formed on the soles, toes, interdigital folds of the foot, often painful.

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Senile wart

Senile wart

Epithelial tumor having a viral nature. Usually develops in people older than 40 years. Verrucosum appears as yellow-brown spots, which gradually darkens and turns into a warty plaque.

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Natural treatment

Natural treatment

Human papilloma virus more often affect people with weak immune system. We present several herbal preparations for immunity improvement in order you can change any for you.

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    • One year ago I've caught very unpleasant virus- genital warts. I used your medicine and as a result- I've got rid of it. Thank you. Recommend.

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    • My mom had papilloma on her neck. It disturbed her much. I found you in the Internet. more..


    • Once a wart appeared on my hand finger. It brought much discomfort. It's ugly, disturbs, it's easy to injure and then hard to stop blood. more..


    • I bought your medicine. Used it about 6 times..., that's all..., my wart and old skin exfoliated and new skin..., pink and clear had almost more..


    • I cured papillomas on my neck. I'm really pleased. But one should do it very carefully.


    • It really helps against warts, but it burns much and should be applied carefully not to injure healthy skin. I got rid of warts in3-4 days.

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    • I removed my and my child's warts with your medicine. We applied it 5 days, in the morning and in the evening, it became black and disappeared. No marks left.


    • We used your remedy for removing of big wart on my husband's back. We applied fat kids' cream the skin around wart and little bit on wart itself. more..