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Cassie says:

– Does this product work on intraductal papillomas of the breast?


– Yes, it works with all types of papillomas. Use the product according to the instruction.

comppro1 says:

– I hesitate to order without knowing ingredients.


– You can see ingredients of the product in ABOUT section.
Preparation formula: sodium zincate, purified water, sodium hydrocarbonate, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide.

Vicky says:

– Do you deliver to Ireland?


– Yes, there is shipping to Ireland.

Jeff says:

– Your video shows both your cream and “liquid” being used. However, the product that appears on your on-line shopping page is the cream only.
How can I purchase the liquid?


– We sell the liquid not cream. It was an inaccuracy.

mario says:

– can this product you can use in you genital or pene


– Yes, you can use the product in genitals, but with great caution. Always apply cream at healthy skin around warts to protect it.
Do not apply papillomasfree at mucous surfaces.

Roger says:

– Wht will be the expiration date on an order placed at this time?


– You have to pay immediately with the credit card, you can pay here, we’ll send the product the day after payment

Joyer says:

– For how long is delivery to Canada?


– 7-10 business days