Treatment of warts and the symptoms

Specific benign formations on the hands, neck, and heels can transform into the malignant tumors caused by papillomavirus infection. Warts on fingers and heels cause significant inconvenience and form inhibitions.  Such cases need the treatment of warts.

Causes of viral warts

Possible risk factors are: papillomavirus infection, hormonal disturbance, poor diet and lack of vitamins. Also, the reasons are weakened immunity; bad ecology, sleep disturbance; unhygienic personal behavior, sweating of the palms. Microtraumas and microcracks; radiation; high temperature and humid air; training in the gym, pool and visit to the sauna, are also the causes. Using other people’s hygiene items is a risk factor for the disease.

As a rule, in most cases, it is possible to diagnose viral warts based on the inspection of the affected skin (of course, assuming that the warts are visible to the naked eye). If the viral warts are located on the mucous membranes of the cervix or vagina, the doctors use colposcopy to diagnose the pathology.

Another method of diagnosis of the viral warts is a biopsy of the affected area. Of course, the subsequent histological examination of received material in order to exclude malignant neoplasms is necessary.

The most frequent complication of viral warts is their spread over the entire surface of the body. Secondary complications of infection are immune function decrease and susceptibility to colds.

Most often, wart represents a knot-like skin thickening. Depending on the type, it can be located on the palms and fingers. There are plantar part of the feet and toes, genitals, and even face. Whenever located, it can hardly be called a decoration. Rough plaques of the grayish color will hardly seem attractive. And if you add that warts can spread over the body via autoinoculation (autoinfection), it is understandable why people want to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Treatment of warts- methods and effects

Warts are the result of skin cells exposure. The virus enters the body through tiny skin and mucous membranes. The source of the virus is a sick person and his personal household items. From the moment of infection until the appearance of warts 4-5 months pass. Since they are much more common moles, and obviously spoiling the appearance, then most people hurry to get rid of warts. In addition, common warts cause considerable concern during their mechanical stimulation.

The liquid preparations for warts treatment have less efficiency and can leave the skin burns. There are some alternative to “PapillomasFree” methods of warts removal in beauty salons and dermatological clinics:

  • cryolysis
  • liquid nitrogen

These methods are less effective and are rather painful. They can be used only for common warts. It’s not good for the removal of nail warts (when the root is under the nail) or plantar warts. In this case, there is no alternative to”PapillomasFree” treatment of warts.

The medicine “PapillomasFree” provides 100% efficiency. Each corn requires from 1 to 3 treatments with a thick layer of the liquid “PapillomasFree.” No scarring and loss of pigmentation of the skin remain. 1 package of the cream is enough for about 20-30 corns.

Application and usage of “PapillomasFree”

Before use, mix the contents of a bottle with applicator. With a sharp end of the applicator apply a thin layer of the medicine directly to the affected area, avoiding contact with the surrounding healthy tissues. Let the composition dry for 10-20 minutes and rinse off in the next 10 hours.

Large warts demand from one to three treatments with a thick layer with an interval of one day.

During the first days after the procedure, the treated areas darken, and self exfoliate. In general, a complete regeneration of tissue without scarring and loss of pigmentation take from 2 weeks to 3 months. Problem areas, applied with “PapillomasFree,” do not require additional processing by any other means. If you damage adjacent healthy skin, it is effective to apply buckthorn oil. If you can’t see the final result, the procedure can be repeated after 2-3 weeks. Local reactions may occur in the form of short-term burning.

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