Duct tape no magical cure for warts, scientists find

The scientists have proved that the method of treating warts using duct tape is not effective. Dutch scientists of Maastricht University led by Dr. Marloes, conducted the research, where more that hundred children were involved. It showed that the warts of only 10 percent of children in the duct tape group and 6 percent of children in placebo group disappeared. They said the difference was not noticed. Also some of children which used duct tape felt itching, then rush and irritation. In the future a new wart can grow again in that area. It is necessary to remember that a wart is a kind of skin blotch and even small damage can lead to infection, tumour and other serious consequences. There are several drawbacks of wart treatment with duct tape.

The healthy skin around the wart becomes reddish, irritated, it peels and exfoliates. If this happens you should remove the duct tape and let the skin dry and do not soak it for several days. There is the so-called “greenhouse effect”, the skin rots and chafe occur. The more so, under heat action the virus can spread on healthy skin.

In 2006 the scientists developed new disputable method of warts treatment using duct tape. After the results of the research were published, many pediatricians used duct tape treatment in their practice. As it was a new method, first it seemed effective. Efficiency of this method of treatment was not well-proven scientifically. The mechanical wart affecting can decrease its external displays, but the root remains deeper in the skin. The warts usually are successfully cured using criotherapy or lazer removal- these methods are rather effective. In the new study the scientists proposed wrapping the duct tape around the warts for several weeks. The whole treatment should last for about two months until the wart disappears. One must also accept the fact that like some home remedy, duct tape warts removal method has some ill effects. You also need to scrape it off which is very painful that is why it is not convenient for warts on the face. The method is not good on big warts (genital warts, plantar warts, facial wart, foot warts) as it takes longer time than necessary leaving your skin sodden on the whole process. It will take a lot of patience and will to continue your duct tape warts removal treatment.

The nature of warts is viral, so the treatment should be integrated and mixed, but many parents choose home treatment of warts for their children. Nowadays home criotherapy as well as using chemical means are available for home use. So, it’s really good and effective alternative to duct tape.

The method of warts treatment with duct tape became rather popular for its availability, simplicity and indolence. But it is unknown if there is possibility of new warts appearance after the treatment.

If during 2kh weeks you have not seen a result, it means that in your case, probably this method does not work. Such method of treatment is not recommended, if you suffer diabetes, neuropathy, illnesses of peripheral vessels, as can result in ulcers or infecting.

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