Symptoms and treatment of plantar warts


In medicine, a plantar wart is considered benign skin tumors. At that, this disease has a viral origin. Warts form 1/3 of all the formations localized on foot. To make a correct diagnosis, differentiate papillomas, condylomas, and other growths and exclude malignant nature of tumors, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist.


Causes of warts on the foot


Any variety of warts, starting from threadlike, plantar, plain and flat and ending with papillomas and warts, results from the weakened immunity. In this way, the body reacts to the emergence and reproduction of papillomavirus (HPV) inside the body. To date, there are more than 100 varieties of this virus.


How does the infection with this virus occur? HPV penetrates into the body as a result of the people’s contact with each other (so-called contact-household way). Statistics indicate that the majority of the population is infected with different types of papillomavirus.


The pathogen is transmitted from sick to healthy people through infected skin cells through the use of other people’s things and personal care items. External environment plays an essential role in this process: high humidity, heat in saunas, fitness rooms, bathhouses, and pools contribute to the development of pathology. However, it is impossible to get infected on the beach, as the virus dies under the influence of sun rays.


Prevention of plantar wart


Primary prevention of plantar wart lies in the prevention of HPV infection. In this, you should pay special attention to wearing individual shoes in the public showers, pools, and bathhouses. Proper care of the foot skin has considerable importance: regular pedicure, foot peeling, and their treatment with softening agents.


Patients with feet deformation should use orthopedic insoles, orthoses, and unloading correctors. In the case of increased sweating, it is important to choose shoes from natural materials and use drying agents. In the case of dryness and cracks on the skin of the soles, you should use nutritive and moisturizing creams and make therapeutic foot baths.


Characteristics of foot corns include:


  • considered a more female problem
  • always hurt because of the deep roots foot corns, which puts pressure on the nerve endings


There is no alternative to cream “PapillomasFree” method to remove plantar warts at the moment. Those that you may be offered in beauty salons and dermatology clinics, although in most cases you will not even find specialists are ready to tackle the removal of foot corns, absolutely not effective. Preparations of the liquid-based, offered in pharmacies to treat skin problems have low efficiency, as well as leave burns at the skin.


The medicine “PapillomasFree” provides 100% efficiency. Each wart requires from 1 to 3 treatments with a thick layer of the liquid “PapillomasFree.” No scarring and loss of pigmentation of the skin remain. 1 package of the cream is enough for about 20-30 foot corns.


Application and usage of “PapillomasFree”


Before use, mix the contents of a bottle with applicator. With a sharp end of the applicator apply a thin layer of the medicine directly to the affected area, avoiding contact with the surrounding healthy tissues. Let the composition dry for 10-20 minutes and rinse off in the next 10 hours.


Plantar wart demand from one to three treatments with a thick layer with an interval of one day.


During the first days after the procedure, the treated areas darken, and self exfoliate. In general, from 2 weeks to 2 months, there is a complete regeneration of tissue without scarring and loss of pigmentation. Problem areas that are applied with “PapillomasFree,” does not require additional processing by any other means. If adjacent healthy skin is damaged, it is effective to apply buckthorn oil. If the final result is not achieved, the procedure can be repeated after 2-3 weeks. Local reactions may occur in the form of short-term burning.


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