Treating papillomas with natural remedy


Papillomas are benign tumors. They appear as a result of the activity of the human papillomavirus. This virus is considered one of the most common in the world —about 80% of the population is carrying the human papillomavirus.


Activating in the body, the virus manifests itself by warts and other undesirable formations on the skin.


Of course, it is better to remove papillomas at the hospital. However, if you have reason to do this on your own, there are several ways to remove these tumors in house conditions.


Appearance of papillomas


Removal of skin papillomas. Folk methods in house conditions


As most people carry this virus, papillomas can appear in almost everyone. Most often, activation of a virus is caused by the weakening of the immune system, severe diseases, or intense stress. Determining factors for the appearance of papillomas are pregnancy and old age. Besides, the appearance of such tumors can be caused by the long-term use of medications.


A person can get papillomas from birth or acquire them during life. Tumors can be single or multiple. In itself, papilloma has skin color and a size of up to 10 mm. Some tumors reach a size of 20 mm. Usually, papillomas are characterized by the low speed of growth. However, in some cases (for example, during pregnancy or disease), they can spread much faster and reach large sizes.


Papillomas and their causes


Growths can appear anywhere, but the most common places are neck, axilla, breast, eyelids, and genitals. In the last case, papillomas may be accompanied by painful sensations during sexual acts and inflame. The color of papillomas ranges from white to dark brown.


Infection with HPV can be a hereditary factor or a result of viral diseases. But most frequently, people just get infected with papillomavirus in a household. Infection can also occur during intercourse. Therefore, you shouldn’t neglect the means of personal care and contraception. If you get infected with papillomavirus – don’t panic, as in the age of new technologies there are lots of methods of papilloma treatment in house conditions.


Skin formations occur as a result of the stress, which provoked infection display. So you shouldn’t be in a flap when papillomas occur. Sometimes it is necessary to take medicine, which increases body resistance and not to get upset.


Human papillomavirus more often affects people with a weak immune system. So, thy treatment should start with immunity improvement.


Phytopreparations for immunity improvement have wide action. We present several herbal preparations for you to select the best.


Clover flowers 2 parts, Viola tricolor herb 2 parts, St. John’s Wort herb 2 parts, plantain leaf 3 parts, tarragon herb 1 part, aneth seeds 2 parts, calamus root 2 parts. This tea improves appetite, metabolism, strengthens immunity.


Leuzea root 3 parts, licorice root 5 parts, calamus root 2 parts, inula root 2 parts, wymote root 4 parts. Besides immunity improvement, this tea improves blood formula (it is used at anemia), makes the mood better (is used at depressive states), has excellent effectiveness for sexual activity.


Thistle herb 3 parts, eleuterococcus root 3 parts, aralia root 1 part, devil’s- club root 1 part, angelica root 1 part, licorice root 5 parts. This herbal tea has immunocorrective features, normalizes menstrual period.


Preparation and usage of herbal tea: add boiling water in 2 tablespoons of herbal preparation, infuse in a thermos for a night. Take 150-200 ml several times during the day. The treatment course is for 3 months. They have 2-3 such courses during the year (it is preferable in spring or autumn).

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