How and why to remove papillomas?

How and why to remove papillomas

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a large group of viruses related to intracellular parasites. The disease manifests itself as growths on the skin. A week ago we talked about its causes, today we are talking about how to remove papillomas.

Papillomas are not only an unpleasant cosmetic defect but also pathogens that cause inflammatory processes to enter the body through them. Therefore, the first step is to consult a dermatologist, who must determine what pathological process occurs inside this neoplasm (if necessary, prescribe a dermatoscopy).

If it is a papilloma, it can be removed with a laser. If not, then it can be removed only surgically. In open areas of the skin (face, neck, hands), papillomas can also be removed with a laser, but not in summer, but in autumn and winter, when the sun is inactive.

After applying the laser, there should be no contact with the sun during the recovery period (for 1.5 — 2 months). This is necessary to prevent burns, hyperpigmentation (dark brown spots), overheating, as a result of which the skin is excessively moistened and polluted faster, the inflammatory process may increase, and the healing effect is worse.

There are papillomas that are more common in children — plantar warts and flat warts. This is also papillomavirus but of a completely different plan. It generally has a special type of infection: getting into a microfracture or other damaged areas of the skin, the virus begins to spread. Our immune system fights this virus, and usually, within a certain period (about two years), the wart can disappear by itself. However, the problem is that if one lesion appears, it spreads very quickly through the skin, so you should not delay contacting a doctor.

For children, it is not recommended to remove warts with a laser, it is better to remove flat and plantar warts with liquid nitrogen (please note that these are not medical but cosmetic procedures).

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