How to fight warts and papilloma on the face

How to fight warts and papilloma on the face

Milia, or milium cyst (cyst blocking the ducts of the sebaceous glands), usually affects areas with thin skin (eye area, cheekbones, or cheeks). The causes of the problem are not fully understood, but genetic predisposition matters. Sometimes, they are caused by traumas and sunburns. Milia can occur at any age. There aren’t symptoms of any severe pathologies. 


 It is almost impossible to get rid of them completely and forever. The main treatment method is greasing of milia at the dermatologist’s. People advise to get rid of isolated whiteheads at home, greasing them with iodine for several days, and in the morning — with salicylic acid. However, it is much better to trust a specialist. 



  They appear on the face for the same reason as papillomas — direct contact with the virus carrier (handshake or cuts) is enough for a wart to start growing. Warts and papillomas are caused by the same human papillomavirus, but these neoplasms look different. Only the specialist can distinguish one disease from another. There are over a hundred types of viruses. Besides, an ordinary wart on the face (more often than on the other parts of the body) can hide and life-threatening diseases — for instance, skin cancer or pigmented melanoma. Only a doctor is competent to prescribe a comprehensive examination program with analysis to determine the type of virus and the degree of its potential danger. 



  These protruding formations on the face of different shades and sizes don’t do anyone favor. An agent, human papillomavirus, lives in the bodies of eight out of ten people, and the disease affects people whose immune system is weak from birth or malfunctioned. General and local immunity protect us from infection, but the worse the body’s self-defense is, the more papillomas will appear. It can’t be said that this problem is typical for people of a certain age (for example, elderly) –papillomas can affect even babies if they have weak immunity. This can be caused by a lack of vitamins, severe stress, serious illnesses, and pregnancy. 


 Although papillomas are benign formations, you shouldn’t watch their growth on the face for a long time – the country’s main dermatovenerologist recommends removing them as soon as possible. This can be made in different ways: liquid nitrogen, cauterization, radiowaves, cut, laser, or electricity. The choice of method depends on each individual case. 



  Red stars covering the face is couperosis. It can be caused by circulatory disorders in a person with any type of skin, but mainly the owners of sensitive and thin skin. If your cheeks redden and itch at the slightest irritation (from the hot water, rubbing or frost), know that the vascular network will “decorate” your face soon. Fans of alcohol, spicy, salty and hot dishes, baths and saunas, smokers, fans of “aggressive” scrubs and lotions, facial massages, and rigid towels are at risk. 



At the first symptoms, many people rush to the pharmacy for special creams. But if you’re not going to experiment with them for ages, you’d better see a doctor immediately. Let him/her determine what will certainly help your body, and also send you to his/her colleagues to check for more serious problems than the aesthetic ones. After all, if the face capillaries don’t serve you faithfully, maybe it’s time to take care of the entire vascular system. Stable spider veins are treated in different ways. Clinics and beauty centers offer special procedures for this— laser, electrocoagulation, skin rejuvenation procedures, phototherapy, ozone injections, lymph drainage, etc. But only a dermatologist can choose the right recovery program for you, which will probably include the vascular strengthening preparations. 

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