PapillomasFree instruction

PapillomasFree is high-performance liquid for rapid and complete removal of warts, corns, callouses, papilloma. Does not provoke the emergence of new ones. Skin defects are eliminated almost completely.

Indications: Warts (plantar, genital, flat, filiform), corns, callouses, papilloma.

How to use:

  1. Before starting the procedure determine the skin defect.
  2. The skin around the warts, corns, callouses or papilloma should be abundantly lubricated with neutral cream.
  3. Apply 1-5 drops of liquid PapillomasFree at injured skin and let it soak until completely dry.
  4. Avoid spreading of liquid and rubbing!
  5. During the procedure a slight burning may be felt.
  6. The appearance of black spots of the treated area of skin indicates the beginning defect areas withering away process, which ends on the 4 – to 6-th day.

Precautions: Keep away from children! Do not use for nevus remove! Avoid contact healthy skin, mucous membranes. In case of contact wash down with plenty of water. When removing warts or papilloma on the face, be careful!

Features of the application: PapillomasFree is personal use only. For external use only!

  • If warts removal: Apply 3-5 drops per day, 3 days
  • If callous removal: Apply 3-5 drops per day, 5 days
  • If papilloma removal: Apply 3 drops per day