Papillomas, warts and other dangerous “decorations”


Skin is the largest organ of the human body. Perhaps only babies have perfectly smooth skin, but with time it gets covered with moles. Some of them, located in the right places, don’t spoil it at all and even give it a sort of charm. Unfortunately, these pigmented skin neoplasms are not always harmless. Papilloma and wart can cause even more problems and inconveniences. What are the dangers of such “decorations” on the body?

Moles on skin: what do they represent?

Doctors call moles and birthmarks “nevi.” These pigmented neoplasms of the brown, black, red, purple, and other colors are absent in newborns. However, by the age of 10, they appear in almost every person. Hormonal changes in the body are considered as the main provoking factor of their development. Therefore, during puberty, pregnancy, and some diseases, the skin gets covered with the new moles, and the color and shape of the old ones change. Heredity is of great importance. In this, DNA may contain information about the presence of moles and their localization in a certain place.

Most often, moles don’t cause any concern to their owner. They don’t require treatment, but only if they aren’t located in uncomfortable places. Located in the zones of tight contact with the clothes, on the soles and palms, they easily get injured (especially when it comes to hanging nevus). This should not be allowed, as, under the influence of mechanical damage and ultraviolet radiation, the mole can transform into melanoma — malignant tumor, considered as one of the most important cancers.

Papilloma as a result of the virus activity

Scientists say that there are hundreds of papillomavirus strains. Some of them provoke the formation of genital warts on the body. Getting into the body, papillomaviruses affect the basal layer of epithelial tissue. This results in the appearance of skin growths of different shapes and sizes, which can attach to the body with all the base or thin “leg.” They can be located on the eyes, ears, hands, feet. In the case of sexual transmission, genital warts affect the vagina, cervix, and sex organs in men.

Virus integrates its DNA into the DNA of the human cells. Depending on the degree of oncogenic risk, it leads to the degeneration of tissues with the development of benign or malignant neoplasms. In this, papilloma on the body may not bother its carrier for many years. But under the influence of favorable factors, it can cause clinical symptoms with all the consequences.

Wart — one of the varieties of papillomas

Wart — one of the varieties of papillomas Knot- or papilla-like wart on the skin also results from the activity of papillomaviruses. It can appear in childhood and adulthood without causing any discomfort, apart from aesthetics. However, such kind of papilloma as plantar wart can cause severe pain during walking, and even cause disability. It is easy to get infected with this viral disease, as it transmits in a household-contact and sexual way. Special pharmaceutical preparations can’t be used without medical supervision, as many of them consist of a mixture of strong alkalis. In case of exceeding the dose or frequency of use, they can lead to poor results. Therefore, the wart on the body is subject to mandatory medical supervision. Different types require different treatment approaches. Therefore, you should first determine the type of warts (common, flat, or senile), and then choose the preferable therapy.

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