Remedies and herbs against the papillomavirus

Remedies and herbs against the papillomavirus

Papilloma is an infectious disease caused by HPV (human papillomavirus). This disease is defined by official medicine as a benign neoplasm and, in most cases, does not threaten a person with serious consequences. But it still needs to be treated.


The human papillomavirus has about a hundred varieties. Getting rid of it at home is not so difficult.


We would like to show you the effective recipes against HPV.


1. Juice of celandine


Celandine is considered one of the most effective means of removing papillomas. Cut a fresh plant five centimeters higher the root (with flowers, leaves, and stem), then squeeze out the yellow juice. Now you need to smear them on the affected area on the skin and cover it with a medical patch or sterile bandage, which should also be slightly soaked in this juice. Lubricate this area of skin three to four times at intervals of ten to fifteen minutes. Repeat this procedure at least two or three times throughout the day. It is recommended to exclude alcohol and fatty foods from the diet for the duration of treatment in order to accelerate the action of this folk remedy.


2. Castor oil


This oil contains an acid that irritates papilloma tumors. It is necessary to lubricate the affected areas of the body with castor oil around the formation itself. It is recommended to rub castor oil with light massage movements for five to seven minutes, then apply a patch soaked in celandine juice to the treated area. The approximate duration of the treatment course is from four to eight weeks.


3. Ammonia


In addition to the above-mentioned remedies, folk medicine uses ammonia in the fight against papillomas. You need to wind a little cotton wool on the tip of the match, and then wet it in ammonia and apply for a few seconds (from five to ten) to the papilloma. It is very important not to allow ammonia to get on the healthy skin around the tumor!


4. Herbal infusion for papilloma


You should take a small glass container (for example, a bowl) and grind and mix the same amounts of the following ingredients: dried dandelion root, grass of melissa and horsetail, as well as the leaves of ordinary plantain and stinging nettle. Now measure three large (tablespoons) of the prepared collection, pour it into an enameled pan and pour from three to five glasses of cold purified water. Bring the mixture to a simmer and cook for about seven to ten minutes. Then let the product stand under the lid in a warm place for about three hours, strain it through a small metal strainer (you can use a folded gauze in several layers), and dilute with cool boiled or purified water if necessary. Take this broth for three tablespoons three times a day for an hour and a half before meals. Duration of the treatment course: from seven to ten days.


 5. Garlic cream


You need to chop the peeled garlic cloves at the rate of two spoons of foundation cream (any hand cream) per one teaspoon of garlic mush. Now you should carefully mix both ingredients in a glass bowl for a few minutes. Remember that it is best to mix the components of this cream with something made from natural materials (so that the mixture does not oxidize). Apply the finished product to the gauze or sterile bandage, and then fix the bandage with a patch on the affected area of the body. After three to four hours, remove the bandage and gently wash the treated area with warm running water (you can use soap). Duration of one course of treatment: repeat the procedure daily for three to six weeks.


6. Folk remedy for papillomas from thuja, celandine, and potatoes


It is necessary to fill one-third of a liter glass jar with fresh young potato sprouts, without placing them too tightly. Now collect celandine (the whole plant), wash it well, and dry it in the shade in a draft. Then fill the jar with celandine for the second third. The remaining free space should be filled with young twigs of thuja. After you have filled the jar, you need to fill it with pure alcohol (so that it is a little more than the collection). Let the product stand for at least two weeks in a dark, warm place, and then strain it (this is not a mandatory procedure). Apply the infusion prepared in this way three or four times a day, smearing the affected area of the body with it. Duration of the entire treatment course: from ten to fifteen days. Be extremely careful, the tool is very poisonous!


7. Celandine tincture with vegetable oil


You need to collect fresh celandine grass during the flowering period of the plant, then tear the grass as small as possible with your hands (without using a knife!). You need to wear rubber gloves on your hands. Crushed plants in this way should be filled in a glass jar with any quality vegetable oil (for example, olive oil) in a ratio of 1:1. Let the folk remedy infuse for about one month in a cool dark place. Apply a ready-made infusion for wiping papillomas two or three times a day. The duration of treatment is until the complete disappearance of formations.


 8. The infusion of green walnuts


You will need unripe walnuts, milky ripeness, with a very softshell. Chop the collected nuts in a meat grinder or blender and fill them with two-thirds of a glass jar with a volume of at least one liter. Now it is necessary to fill the nutmeg up to the neck with purified kerosene. Put the jar tightly closed with a lid in a cool, warm place for infusing. After three weeks, this remedy should be carefully filtered and poured into a dark glass bottle. Apply an infusion for daily lubrication of papillomas until they completely disappear. Approximate duration of one treatment course: from ten to twenty days.


9. The leaves of Kalanchoe


Folk medicine recommends regularly fitting fresh leaves of the Kalanchoe plant to the papilloma and fixing them with a bandage made of gauze and a bandage for several hours. Such bandages are most effective at night. It is usually enough to have approximately fifteen treatments for the complete disappearance of all the formations.


10. Tincture of dandelion against papillomas


It is necessary to fill the glass jar as tightly as possible with fresh dandelion flowers, then pour them with triple Cologne and let the mixture stand for two weeks in a dark place. It is very important to use only triple Cologne! After the specified time, filter the infusion using several layers of gauze, and pour it into a container made of dark glass. Lubricate the prepared infusion of papillomas three to five times a day until they completely disappear. Store the remaining product in a cool place protected from light. In addition, you can try to remove the formation, smearing them with fresh dandelion juice.

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