Seborrheic Keratosis

Seborrheic verrucosum (Synonym: senile wart) is epithelial tumor having a viral nature. Usually develops in people older than 40 years. Verrucosum appears as yellow-brown spots, which gradually darkens and turns into a warty plaque. It occurs on the face, temples, on the body. Sometimes it causes itching. Number of keratitis can be very different - from tens to thousands of scattered spots in the elderly.

A characteristic feature of seborrheic keratitis is that they quickly multiply. Over the years keratomas increase, becoming coarser and begin to resemble warts, but, unlike them, do not disappear by themselves. Some keratomas increase in diameter up to 2,5 cm and even more, varying in color from flesh to black. Typical patches of seborrheic keratoses located on the surface of the skin and sometimes are accidentally torn or scraped by fingernails. But this is not always possible, so do not try to remove them that way.

The liquid preparations for warts treatment have less efficiency and can leave the skin burns. There is one alternative to "PapillomasFree" methods of keratoma removal, which you can be offered in beauty salons and dermatological clinics:

-liquid nitrogen

This method is not effective, very painful and have a high price. It also leave pigmentation and scar.

The medicine "PapillomasFree" provides 100% efficiency. Each keratitis requires from 1 to 3 treatments with a thick layer of the liquid "PapillomasFree". No scarring and loss of pigmentation of the skin remains. 1 package of the cream is enough for about 20-30 uses.

Application and usage of "PapillomasFree"

Before use, mix the contents of a bottle with applicator. With a sharp end of the applicator apply a thin layer of the medicine directly to the affected area, avoiding contact with the surrounding healthy tissues. Let the composition dry for 10-20 minutes and rinse off in the next 10 hours.

Keratitis demand from one to three treatments with a thick layer with an interval of one day.

During the first days after the procedure, the treated areas darken and self exfoliate. In general, from 2 weeks to 2 months there is complete regeneration of tissue without scarring and loss of pigmentation. Problem areas that are applied with "PapillomasFree", does not require additional processing by any other means. If adjacent healthy skin is damaged it is effective to apply buckthorn oil. If the final result is not achieved, the procedure can be repeated after 2-3 weeks. Local reactions may occur in the form of short-term burning.

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is highly effective liquid to remove warts, corns and papillomas. It does not provoke the emergence of new ones.
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    • I cured papillomas on my neck. I'm really pleased. But one should do it very carefully.


    • It really helps against warts, but it burns much and should be applied carefully not to injure healthy skin. I got rid of warts in3-4 days.

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    • I removed my and my child's warts with your medicine. We applied it 5 days, in the morning and in the evening, it became black and disappeared. No marks left.


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