The doctor and the patient - different prescriptions.

The experts had chosen about 1000 doctors to decide on the methods of treatment for proposed possibility of disease.

However, when the docotrs were proposed to imagine themselves in the patient's shoes, they changed the treatment course, and more often rather signidicantly.

The doctors chose the course with high risk of fatal case, but when it's successful treatment, than the side effects reduced much.
But for the patients, the doctors chose the method of treatment, which raise the chance of survival.

Hazardous preparation.
So, for treatment of intestine canser about 40% of 242 respondents chose surgery with high risk of fatal case, but with low risk of side effects.
When it was about the patient's health, such a curse was proposed only by the quarter of those doctors.
In the other case the doctors were asked to propose the treatment course for the patient sick with bird's flu.
This scenario meant using medicine for the treatment- in fact without using this treatment course the possibility of fatal case was 10%, in the case of ambulance treatment it was 30%.

Taking the preparation reduced the possibility of side effects, but could lead to the patient's death in one case in 100, and to paralysis of nervous system in 4 cases.

Two- third of 700 respondent doctors would abandon to use such a course because of side effects. But only the half of them recommended the patients not to use such treatment.

To help with advice?
Doctors' thinking about the course of treatment for imagined patient differs from thinking about how to treat themselves.
But still it's not clear if the doctors can choose the best method of treatment after imagine themselves in the sick person's shoes.

Very often modern doctors are not recommended to show the personal point of view about the treatment course, but offer the patients the necessary information in order to chose himself.

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